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Strategic Goal 1: Internal and External Communication

Implement a communication plan linking NCSFF with its internal and external stakeholders including: schools/school systems, educators, students, parents, volunteers, sponsors, partners, and broad media outlets.

Strategic Goal 2: Outreach and Professional Development

Increase awareness and knowledge of educators, student sponsors, and fair directors and volunteers in guiding student-led research to meet the requirements of International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

Strategic Goal 3: Board Development

Invest time and energy in improving the organizational performance of the NCSFF Board of Directors to achieve its strategic initiatives.

Strategic Goal 4: Resource Acquisition and Management

Implement a plan for cultivating, acquiring, and managing resources to support North Carolina science and engineering fairs, participation of winners at competitions, and other NCSFF priorities.

Strategic Goal 5: Regional Fairs

Improve support for regional fairs and directors in promoting high-quality, student-led research that meets ISEF requirements.