Meet Isha Narang

Isha Narang is 17 years old and a Junior at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. Native to Texas, Isha was born in San Antonio and grew up in Austin. Her family moved to Charlotte in 2019. Her hobbies include piano, Speech & Debate, art, and Girl Scouts. Isha describes herself as an extreme Marvel fan, with a preference for Iron Man.

Meet Regan Williams

Regan Williams was born in Toronto, Canada and her family lived in Davis, CA, followed by Princeton, NJ, before settling in Wilmington, North Carolina. Her mother works at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and her father worked as an epidemiologist before passing away when Regan was in 7th grade.  She has been active in sports, playing soccer each year starting at 5 years old and running cross country and track in High School. Regans is currently  a Junior at John T Hoggard High School where she plays Cello in the orchestra.

Meet Connor Mitchell

Connor Mitchell is 18 years old and in his senior year at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM). While Connor was born in Charleston, he has lived in North Carolina most of his life. His interests include biology, mechanical engineering, and computer science, and he is especially interested in how these fields intersect.  His hobbies include engineering and “making”.  Connor fondly remembers years of participating in the robotics club at Magellan Charter School. As a high school student he is a member of the Forge Initiative and gives back to the community by acting as a mentor to Middle School students at Magellan.

Meet Kaitlyn and Lauren Zuravel


Kaitlyn and Lauren Zuravel are siblings from Fayetteville, NC. They both attend Terry Sanford High School, where Kaitlyn is a senior and Lauren is a sophomore. They have both participated in Science Fairs since the 2nd grade. Additionally, they enjoy a variety of other hobbies. Kaitlyn plays the flute and is on the lacrosse and swim teams at school. She is also captain of the Science Olympiad team. Lauren plays the flute and is on the lacrosse and tennis teams at school. Both young ladies are active in the Girl Scouts of the USA. Kaitlyn has already completed her Gold Award project, which focused on increasing STEM diversity, and Lauren is working on her Gold Award project this year to save Eastern Box Turtles. 

Meet Mason Sufnarski

Mason Sufnarski was born in Albany, NY and moved with his family to Matthews, NC just three weeks later.  He is currently 17 years old, a senior in high school,  and living in Waxhaw, NC in Union County. He spends most of his downtime outdoors, recently traveling to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico with the Boy Scouts. He also enjoys spending time with his two dogs and playing recreational basketball with his friends.  When Mason is indoors he likes to keep up to date with current events, especially relevant stories about the environment, technology, and space exploration.

Meet Lisa Zhang

Lisa Zhang is a senior at Providence High School in Charlotte, NC.  At 17 years of age, she loves art, drawing (pencil) and painting (watercolors and acrylics) during her free time. She is also on the staff of her school’s literary arts magazine, previously as the art editor last year and taking on the role of design editor during her senior year.