Online Resources

Science Buddies
Science Buddies is a non-profit organization that provides free online resources for science education. The website helps K-12 students do better science fair projects. The Topic Selection Wizard offers a large online library of project ideas and Starter Kits. Science Buddies also offers Ask an Expert, an online forum in which students can ask questions about their projects and get answers from scientists and engineers who volunteer as e-mentors. Science Buddies also maintains a set of teacher resources for science fair planning and a science fair project help guide.

How to Do a Science Fair Project
The six-part video series features JPL scientist Serina Diniega, engineer Arby Argueta, and educator Ota Lutz, who team up to take viewers step by step through the project design process, from generating an idea to communicating the final results in an attractive display. Students learn about one of the hardest steps in the process - generating an idea - from the perspectives of scientific investigation and engineering design, discovering how to observe and ask questions about the world around them that can serve as starting points for their projects.

Citation Machine
Citation Machine automatically generates citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard.  Use this tool to create the bibliography for your Research Plan.

A Time for Science
A Time for Science is non-profit nature and science learning center dedicated to advancing science literacy and competency by encouraging and supporting student participation in science, engineering, and math competitions. Its hallmark program is one of providing a supportive environment for the conduct of student research projects through sponsorship of age related (3rd through 12th grades) science/math Clubs, A Time for Science also develops and presents other appropriate programs and activities that foster these objectives.

Science is Fun! blog of science fair project ideas from NC science educator Beth Harris.  Topics range from projects you can do with your pets to experiments done in the bathroom.

The WWW Virtual Library - Science Fairs
Science fairs are held around the world. If you want to see what others are doing this site has hyperlinks to local, regional, state, foreign and even VIRTUAL science fairs.

The Internet Public Library
contains the Science Fair Resource Guide that offers teachers, students and parents a complete listing of web sites dedicated to science fairs and projects.  The site provides links to how to do a science fair project, samples, ideas, magazines and resources.  This site is arranged from the basic to the most detailed, with special notes to teachers and parents.  For more information about this resource, check out their web site.

MadSci Net
a component of the MAD Scientist Network.  This site contains links and resources on everything you ever wanted to know about science fairs, age-specific ideas for projects, as well as how to put a science fair together. Some of the links include: School Science Fair Homepage, Science Fair Idea Exchange, The Society of Amateur Scientists, Practical Hints for Science Fair Projects and Yahoo's listing of science fairs. 

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
The Olympics, the World Cup and the World Series of science competitions. Held annually in May, the Intel ISEF brings together over 1,200 students from 48 states and 40 nations to compete for scholarships, tuition grants, internships, scientific field trips and the grand prize: a trip to attend the Nobel Prize Ceremonies in Stockholm, Sweden. Science Service founded the ISEF in 1950 and is very proud to have Intel as the title sponsor of this prestigious, international competition.