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North Carolina Science Fair Foundation

The North Carolina Science Fair Foundation (NCSFF) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote science literacy in elementary-, middle-, and high-school students through participation in inquiry-based learning.

NCSFF promotes science and engineering research by partnering with the community to integrate student scientific research into science education.

NCSFF works to increase diversity and engagement of underrepresented student populations in science and engineering research.

NCSFF organizes science and engineering fairs to showcase and celebrate student success in research and learning. The North Carolina State Science and Engineering Fair (NCSEF) is sponsored each year by the NCSFF.

Executive Director, Part-time Employee Position

$25/hour for an average of 80 hours monthly or $2,150 per month

Travel reimbursement at the IRS allowable rate The North Carolina Science Fair Foundation Executive Director will support the Foundation’s mission as stated above. The Executive Director will facilitate the work of the Foundation by working with stakeholders to meet the stated goals for the NCSFF, leading the implementation of the strategic plan, and collaborating to create initiatives to promote science and engineering research throughout the state. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors of the NCSFF.


  1. Engage the Board and facilitate the NCSFF Strategic Plan to secure needed resources to ensure the achievement of the organizational goals for strengthening and growing the organization, including maintaining or expanding funding for the position of Executive Director.
  2. Identify and network with business organizations to cultivate funding opportunities.
  3. Research, write, and manage grants to obtain ongoing funding, cultivating diverse funding and human and technical support streams.
  4. Work cooperatively with the Board of Directors, and in particular, with its Executive Committee, the subcommittees for each goal area, and State and Regional Fair Directors to meet NCSFF goals.
  5. Work collaboratively with the Foundation Chair to develop and facilitate the Board of Directors’ meetings and communications with the Board in between quarterly sessions.
  6. Develop and maintain appropriate communication strategies among partners and Board members, including oversight of the NCSFF Google Drive, the NCSFF newsletter, website, and social media.
  7. Actively participate in the North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair.
  8. Play a leadership role in the NC Collaborative for Student-Led Research, facilitating and planning meetings and events hosted by the group.
  9. Attend state and regional fairs for NCSEF, training sessions, board meetings, development events, and professional training opportunities and other events as appropriate and feasible.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Strong results-based facilitator; synthesizes processes and incorporates perspectives of diverse stakeholders.
  2. Strong entrepreneurial spirit to advance the organizational mission with a demonstrated growth mindset.
  3. Bachelor’s degree in Education, Communications, Business, Policy or a STEM-related field.
  4. Three years of relevant experience (including, but not limited to: project management; organizational development; and/or teaching experience).
  5. Experience working effectively with individuals of diverse backgrounds; demonstrated a commitment to promoting access and diversity.
  6. Experience engaging private sector stakeholders as well as nonprofits and governmental organizations.
  7. Must satisfactorily complete a criminal and credit background check (NCSFF will cover the cost of this check and facilitate the process).
  8. North Carolina Driver’s License is required.
  9. Ability to travel throughout North Carolina.

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Master’s degree preferred or experience that is equivalent.
  2. Experience working effectively with PK-20 schools and institutions.
  3. Knowledge of STEM industry trends is preferred.
  4. Previous experience in successful grant writing and reporting.
  5. Experience leading teams.


  1. Base salary is fixed based on 80 hours per month.
  2. Travel reimbursement at the IRS allowable rate.
  3. Performance bonus may be available.

Applicant must provide:
1) Cover letter, based on your review of the North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair and Foundation website, should include why this position is attractive to the applicant, how it meets the applicant’s personal and professional goals, and what attracts the applicant to NCSFF.
2) Vitae/resume.
3) Three professional references which include the names, telephone numbers, and email addresses of the references.

Candidates are encouraged to review the bylaws of the North Science Fair Foundation.

Job Type: Part-time


  • Teaching: 3 years (Preferred)
  • Grant Writing: 5 years (Preferred)


  • Bachelor’s (Master’s Preferred, or equivalent job experience)


  • North Carolina Driver’s License (Preferred)

How to Apply:

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume/CV to

For more information about the North Carolina Science Fair Foundation visit

Questions can be sent to